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Adrow , Operating under Adore Energos Private Limited since 2012 Is A compatible unit certified with ISO 9001:2015. Specializing in the Production and Export of Solar , Inverter , E-Rickshaw , Automotive Batteries and Solar Panels. Our core competency has been developed over the years. We have dedicated workforce providing quality products and best after sales service.


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They keep the air clean and have low heavy toxic metals.

Lightweight and Compact

Lead Acid Battery & Carbon are lightweight on their own, making for much smaller and lighter batteries.

High Energy Density

High level of performance as they pack a high energy capacity in a small size.
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More Charge Cycles

Quality Lead Acid Battery-ion batteries last about 1000 full charge cycles.

Low Self-Discharge Rate

They also have a low self-discharge rate than nickel-based rechargeable batteries.

Low Maintenance

Lead Acid Battery batteries do not suffer from memory effect and thus require less maintenance.

We in All Sectors

Solar Batteries

Adrow Solar Batteries provide uninterrupted power supply to fulfill your everyday needs. Known for high electrolyte volume & superior plate grid design, Solar Batteries ensure flawless performance for long hours.

Inverter Batteries

Adrow Inverter Batteries offers uninterrupted power supply to fulfill your everyday needs. Known for high electrolyte volume & superior plate grid design, Inverter Batteries ensure flawless performance for long hours.

E-Rikshaw Battery

We offer a wide range of E Rickshaw Batteries, which are specially designed with international quality raw material to cope with extreme climatic conditions.


Automative Battery

As a prominent manufacturer, Adobe excels in producing Automotive Batteries that are robust and heavy-duty, fortified with high-grade raw materials. Engineered with an optimized alloy system, our batteries are tailored to endure high temperatures while demanding minimal maintenance. Drive with confidence, relying on Adobe for durable and reliable Automotive Batteries.

Solar panels

Solar panels typically consist of silicon or another semiconductor material encased in a metal panel frame with a glass covering. When these panels are exposed to sunlight, the semiconductor material absorbs photons. This absorption triggers the release of electrons, generating an electric charge within the solar cells. Harness the power of sunlight with solar panels.

Our Products

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  • Solar Batteries
  • Inverter Batteries
  • E-Rikshaw Battery
  • Automative Battery

Solar Battery Neo Series AN-25

Solar Battery Neo Series AN-50

Inverter Battery Ad-20036

Inverter Battery Ad-22036

E Rikshaw Battery AD-1309ER

Adrow Solar Battery AD-400N

Adrow Solar Battery AD-500J

Adrow Solar Battery AD-25S

Adrow Solar Battery AD-50S

Adrow Solar Battery AD-800J

Inverter Battery AD-15018

Inverter Battery AD-18014

E Rikshaw Battery AD-ER1400

Automative battery AD-100T

Automative Battery AD-110T


“Being constantly on the move, I rely on batteries for my camera, phone, and other travel essentials. The batteries I found on this website have been a lifesaver. They are compact, long-lasting products.”
Mr. Arvind Gupta
“For my outdoor adventures, reliable batteries are a must. The batteries I purchased from this website exceeded my expectations. They powered my camping gadgets effortlessly, proving to be a game-changer.
Mr. Vivek Chauhan
“As a parent, having a stash of reliable batteries is crucial for keeping our household running smoothly. The batteries we ordered from this website have proven to be consistently high-quality.”
Gungun Pathak



Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh India